The Bath Divas

 - Quality Products at an Affordable Price

The Bath Divas began with the idea that you can have customized bathing products that are great for you skin at an affordable price. It was started in February of 2010 by myself and my then ten year old daughter.

We experimented and crafted our luxury products with the purpose of keeping our customers happy with our high quality products that smelled great, nurtured their skin, and was easy on the wallet. We took our wares to street fairs and craft markets where our customers, once trying our signature items (sugar scrub and vitamin A, C, and E lotion), loved them.

From there, we took two adventuring steps and grew our business model by inviting Independent Sales Representatives to share in our revenues and organizations to use our products for fundraising.

Over the years, a few things have changed about our company, most noticeably our focus on lending our name and products to help organizations raise funds to meet their needs. However, much has remained the same, most importantly our commitment to having “Quality Products at an Affordable Price.”